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Thursday, October 22

Day 2

My second whole day seemed almost less productive than the first, though that's not possible. I woke up early and had breakfast with my family. Then I went with my Mom to her maternal school (as the French say, or day care) for a few hours. I didn't freak out; I tried to enjoy the kids. It wasn't completely accomplished, but not a disaster either.

After a few hours my Mom asked me to take half the kids and teach them to color inside the lines. The kids don't speak French (not that I really do either), so I was left to use two of my ten Wolof words (yes and no) to explain. A small sense of pride flared when they understood the task.

My second youngest brother became sick, and was picked up by my Dad half way through the morning. I took the opportunity to bail. We drove to the health post (like an emergency clinic) and I assume made an appointment for later as no one took a look at my brother. (As a side bar, when I asked my Mom later what had happened I was told they thought he had Malaria and he had taken been given some medicine to reduce his fever... he is "better.")

After this I spend some time reading while my brother took a nap in my room under the fan. In what is quickly becoming a routine, I had a pre-lunch hour long conversation with my oldest brother in French (with some English). The topics are also getting progressively more intense. Yesterday was the school system and his wanting to become an engineer. Today was philosophy, science versus religion, and Islam. Then again, what is uncomfortable for me is small talk for them... so maybe things are just chugging along as normal.

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