Pictures from Senegal

Sunday, August 30

Daily Food

Breakfast is very French. We take about half a loaf of french bread and smear chocolate spread, peanut butter, butter, or jelly on the inside. Then there is instant coffee mix, which the Senegalese take with at least 6 or 7 cubes of sugar. Occasionally my family will make eggs with lots of oil, butter, onions, and pepper. Other popular choices by volunteers are bean and onion sandwiches (egg or mayo optional), millet with sweat milk, or yogurt.

Lunch is the main meal of the day. We sit on leather mats on the ground around a big metal bowl. We get a spoon to eat with. Inside is a bed of rice with boiled meat (beef or fish) and various boiled veggies; some you'd recognize and some you wouldn't. This is the biggest meal of the day, and one mostly like to have visitors.

After we enjoy a portion of seasonal fruit. Mango, watermelon, banana, grapefruit. All of it delicious and my favorite part of the day.

Dinner, like breakfast, is taken at a table. It's still boiled meat but generally with beans, fried potatoes (homemade French fries), or noodles. Yes, noodles.

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