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Sunday, September 20


Everywhere is hot. But it's hotter elsewhere.

When I'm casually talking to a Senegalese person in town, and I happen to mention where I'm headed they will, without a doubt, tell me that place is hot. Yet when I'm inland and I mention that I'm headed back to my town of Mboro, people always go on a tangent about how hot it is on the coast.

The north is hot because it's part of the Sahara Desert. The east side of the country is hot because it's so far inland from the cool coastal winds. The delta is hot because of the water retention. The coast is hot because there aren't many trees to keep cool.

My opinion, not that you asked, is it's hot anywhere but your home because that's the only place where you know all the tricks to stay cool.

And also, don't tell me it will be cooler in the winter months. Talk to me about cold when it starts snowing, because 70* is not an occasion to wear a wool scarf and hat. I'm from Michigan for Pete's sake.

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