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Sunday, October 25

No Communication

My internet is still not working in my new house. I am basically used to having limited internet access for the past few weeks. But then my phone also decided to quit working. After a few hours of trying, and soliciting aid from Josh's host brother in obtaining repairs, I've paid 4,000 CFA ($8) and have to wait until the next day to retrieve the device. Needless to say, I hoped that it was fixed, but alas no. I got my money back and was told it was unrepairable; that I would need to buy a new one. However, because I'm a foreigner, I needed to find someone with time to go to the store to buy one with me. This will take a whole weekend and cost me 14,000 CFA ($28).

And in the mean time, I have no method of calling Devon (my predecessor) to come fix the internet. I can't call my coworkers to arrange a time to start working. I can't communicate with my friends to tell them about the ridiculous walk home I had with Josh (who thought walking through a treacherous field at night, with one flashlight- which he held & walked at least 10 feet in front of me- was a good idea). And the worst yet, is I'm fairly certain my sister was going to call me during this phone-less time. It is something small that is still highly anticipated. The culmination of merely pondering these facts has led me down a path of loneliness...

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