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Sunday, November 29

Bathroom Problems

I decided to personalize my room finally. Granted I had realized that since Christine visiting was for Thanksgiving we'd have to share my bed, thus the lame job of rigging my mosquito net was going to have to be remedied. And this spurred my energy. Anyway, after moving every one of my 4 pieces of furniture, I had sat down to admire my work (and let the sweat dry).

This is when it occurred to me that I'm a genius. I've finally solved the after-problem problem! You know, when you don't always make it while running to the bathroom (first problem) and have subsequently torn off all of your clothing in total disgust... It's only then that I realize that my windows are all wide open and my dresser of cloths is on the OTHER side of my room from the toilet (after-problem problem).

Well, sub-conscious genius that I am, I've moved the dresser to be immediately outside of the bathroom. Viola! Genius, right? It's the little things, and I guess you had to be there. In any case, it'd be a good idea if you got used to random revelations about bathroom instances. This is a recurring theme in PC life.

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