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Sunday, April 11

Have I Met A Guy???

A number of people have asked me if I’ve met a guy here. The short of it is, yes.
I’ve met the 6 men in my family, all my neighbors, the guys at the post and mayor’s office, the teachers at the school, the men who run the cyber café and even the friends of friends at the boutique. I’ve met them all, and quite frankly, the search for Mr. Right continues.

Some qualities I’ve figured out I don’t appreciate:
• asks me to marry him within 5 minutes of knowing him,
• has someone else ask me to marry him—ever,
• asks me for money,
• gets offended because I refuse to respond to cat calls,
• has no idea how to cook,
• thinks sweeping (or cleaning of any form) is beneath him,
• is under the impression I’m looking to spend the rest of my life financially supporting him,
• has, or believes in having, multiple wives,
• beeps me (calls and hangs up before I can answer) constantly and actually expects me to call back,
• thinks I’m an idiot just because I don’t speak his language,
• expects me to have children,

I think that covers most of my recent epiphanies, but what about the nice normal American guys in Peace Corps? It is true that there are decent men here; attractive, like-minded, and lacking qualities above. But alas, there are still barriers… Remember your last college relationship (where a date is getting drunk at a house party and going back to bunk beds to pass out) because that’s what dating a PCV is like… and I’ll pass. Am I alone here?

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  1. hey, its me sujin. i think ur post is really fun! are u alone here? oh sweetie. u are not alone. and i totally agree with ur opinion! i dont like the kind og men senegalese... ah... where is normal guy?