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Thursday, July 22

Another Random List

Sometimes things occur to me as odd or peculiar, so I write them down and share. Get over it.

1) My mom’s ring tone is “Happy Birthday” all year round.
2) My dad’s on his 3rd car since I started my service. He offers me the keys every time I say I’m walking somewhere close. It makes me feel like using mass transit when I get back and skipping my next car purchase.
3) I wash 3-4 pieces of similarly colored laundry every morning. They soak during breakfast, and then I scrub and hang them on the line until after lunch.
4) Mangoes help me battle myself to floss my teeth regularly.
5) I might buy a mosquito net when I get back, as well as a fan, because I’ll think they help me sleep better. More comforted.
6) I make ice cream once a week, in search of the perfect recipe. I use Fosters Clark drink mix packets as flavoring.
7) The beach makes me sad, so I don’t go there. When I do, I just stare and think about Elk Lake.
8) I would give away half of my cloths and most of my shoes if I knew anyone my size. I just don’t want or use them.
9) Every day I feel more confused about what I want to do after Senegal. Is it possible to live in a bubble on the moon?
10) When it rains there’s still a hot gust of air that blows around my ankles. It actually feels nice as I hate cold feet.
11) Juicer, fryer, ice cream maker, microwave …we have them all. I think the only appliance my mom doesn’t have is a George Foreman. I often day dream about bringing one back to her for Christmas.
12) It makes me laugh hysterically to watch my youngest brothers eat spaghetti with a fork. They end up wearing much more than they eat every time.
13) If I had to leave Senegal today the only thing I’d really need to take with me, besides my passport, is the hard drive back up of all my pictures. Who needs suitcases?
14) I’m considering changing my favorite fruit proclamation from a lifelong obsession with raspberries to the magical and wonderful corossol, or soursop in English, (which is similar to guava, but oh so much better)!
15) Sometimes I forget how to spell my real last name. I never use it so when someone asks, and I have to spell it with French letters, I get thoroughly confused. I frequently miss-type it on French keyboards as well.

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