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Sunday, February 13

Revamp Tour

One of my new year’s resolutions was to improve the quality of this blog. There’s really no point in doing something half-assed, right? Thanks to the tutoring of my gorgeous savvy sister, you may have noticed additional navigational options, the addition of pictures, or the newly created pages… and I hope you enjoy them.

View from Dinner in Dakar
The continuous film strip of photos in the headline has been updated with my most recent escapades. Hovering over a photo will make the stream stop so you can read the caption. If you click on a photo it will take you directly to my account where you can catch all the fun photos that I’ve uploaded throughout my service.

New static pages have also been added! The Care Packages page has useful information all about sending a package. I don’t need anything, but occasionally people feel the need to send stuff. I couldn’t be more grateful. You can visit this page to learn the tricks to ensuring I get a package, copy down my mailing address, and get a few ideas from my wish list. The Mboro page is all about my great town. The history, the oddities, the cultural blends are all outlined. There are also links to other pages with additional about Mboro. I plan to create more pages in the future, so stay tuned!

To the right, you’ll notice Popular Posts have been selected via readership. Your top 5 favorite stories, along with a few of the opening lines, enable a site newbie to get caught up on the best of the best quickly. Of course you can go back to your favs that much easier as well.

Me and JFK
The Peace Corps advertisements are not only interesting graphics, but links to a Peace Corps site where you can hear from volunteers around the world. Just little clips and pictures, but from there one can gateway into the rest of the Peace Corps site content. If you’re looking for more stories from Senegal, or any other country of service, you can check out, which is an easily navigateable database of volunteer blogs. A link to this site can be found at the bottom of my content page in a list of some of my favorite sites.

Who could describe this?
With each new story I try to add pictures (thanks to my new camera) to further explain the adventures and their surroundings. I’m conscious of those who’ve complained about lack of visualization with regards to skinny me, what my house looks like, or some of the oddities of Mboro. I’ll fix that soon, fingers crossed. On that note, I’m very open to content suggestions. People have asked about my work, my family, and how to prepare popular dishes so I’ll be jumping on that shortly. Theoretically 1/3 of my job is explaining Senegalese culture and life to Americans. So, if you’re reading this and have questions about ANYTHING, please do contact me.

Should a particular concept strike your fancy, the bottom of each posting will list some labels, or key words, mentioned in the blog. Often these words are repeated, so if you click on one- say “Peace Corps”- all the stories with this word identified will load onto one convenient page for your perusing pleasure. The “Peace Corps” label will pop up all listings related to life in Peace Corps: rules, trainings, servicing, projects, programs, etc. I’m still working my way backwards to update old postings to incorporate these labels, so please be a little patient for those. A group of most popular labels can also be found at the bottom of the webpage.

My Work Station
That’s about it for the new stuff. If you’re seriously enjoying what you’ve been reading, subscribe to the blog so that you can be updated about postings. And of course, you’re welcome to leave comments at any time. I write offline and seek out an internet connection to upload my content semi-weekly, so I’m never more than a few days away from a response (fingers crossed).

I leave you with a special thank you to my loyal following. You’re helping me accomplish that goal of sharing Senegal and my adventures therein, and I couldn’t be more thrilled that you’re enjoying my method of doing so. Lots of love, Alys.

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