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    Hey Friend,

    A few people have been generous enough to suggest sending some items to Africa. With thoughts of saving time, creating a decent list, and hopefully being lucky enough to get a package... I've created the below wish list. Most items will be hugely appreciated anytime of the year (don't worry about doubles of anything). Others are obviously a bit more expensive and if sent would make us life-long friends.

    As a side note to this, to help guarantee that I get packages decorate the box with Christian symbols such as crosses, etc. It sounds strange, but apparently it's bad karma to mess with religious packages according to Senegalese culture. Whatever works, right? And please keep the shipping receipt. If a package takes longer than normal, I can use a scan copy of your receipt to make inquiries the Posts on my end. Regular letters should be no problem, but please number your letters so that if lost I know what order to read them in. 

    In conclusion, a special thanks to all the amazing people who have already sent me packages. Your gifts have been gold to me. Thank you so much. I love you guys!

    Take care and don't think I don't miss you.

    PCV Alys Moshier
    BP 103 
    Mboro, Senegal
    West Africa

    Par Avion

      Wish List

      • Any News You Want to Share
      • Asian noodle packets such as Ramen or Thai
      • Beef Jerky
      • Brownie Mix
      • Dried Fruit
      • Drink Mix Packets
      • Food
      • Herbs/ Spices
      • Jerky of Other Meat Origins
      • Microwave Popcorn
      • Protein: bars, flavored nuts, BEEF JERKY, whatever
      • Tootsie Rolls or Candy Corn
      • Worthers Original Hard Candies